Almaden Valley Community Association Almaden Valley Community Association Almaden Valley Community Association


We are "Informed Citizens Organized for Constructive Action."

We focus on improving the quality of living in Almaden Valley.

We rely on your support to sustain this organization.  The AVCA is self-funded.

Dues are only $15.00 for one year or $45.00 for three years.

Please renew your AVCA membership by doing one of the following:

1. Best method - PayPal™ or credit card

Copy and complete the form shown below and E-MAIL to the AVCA Membership Chair at

Then make your payment by clicking on the following :

In this case, no mailing or checks are involved.

2. Second method - Personal Check

Copy and complete the form shown below, and mail it with your check payable to:

Almaden Valley Community Association for $15.00 for one year or $45.00 for three years to:

Membership Chair
Almaden Valley Community Association
P. O. Box 41034
San Jose, CA 95160

Thank you for your support.

If you have questions about joining AVCA, contact the AVCA Membership Chair at




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    PHONE: ____________________ FAX:_____________________

    CELL PHONE: _________________________

Enroll me as a member for:  One Year for $15 -or- Three Years for $45

AVCA is a tax exempt non-profit organization. All or part of this donation may be deductible on your state or federal income tax.  Consult with your tax adviser to determine your specific situation.

I would like to be active in the following committee:

    (While committee membership is not a requirement, your active participation is always welcome!)
Committees:  Membership, Parks & Recreation, Transportation , Planning & Zoning, Public Safety