Basim Jaber will be speaking at the May 8, 2013 meeting of the Almaden Valley Community Association (AVCA).  He works for a high-tech company called iPass, Inc. as a Sales Engineer.
  • He is also:
    1. Historian/Archivist - Almaden Air Force Station
    2. Founder - USAF 682nd Radar Squadron Veterans Association
    3. Board Director - Umunhum Conservancy, Inc., the non-profit organization whose mission it is to save
      the Mt. Umunhum Radar Tower

A lifelong South Bay native and freelance photographer, Basim Jaber has researched the history and geography of Mt. Umunhum and the Almaden Air Force Station since 2006.  He has organized and hosted several veterans' reunions for the USAF 682nd Radar Squadron who manned the radar station atop Mt. Umunhum between 1957 and 1980.  He continues to archive historic images and artifacts from Almaden Air Force Station to help preserve the memories and history of this Bay Area Cold War relic.