Almaden Library/Community Center

The Almaden Library/Community Center opened to great acclaim on May 13, 2006.  After several years of watching the new facility rise from the ground which the old buildings had occupied, Almaden residents were in awe as they saw the size of their new neighborhood center, a total of 65,000 square feet.

The invitation to the grand opening included a picture of the building, as seen from Camden Avenue:

Almaden Library/Community Center Opening Invitation

District 10 is the first area in San Jose where the Community Center and Library are housed in a single building, and the groups are sharing more deluxe accommodations than would have been possible for each function on its own.  As residents explored the facility on Grand Opening Day, such comments as, "Fantastic" and "Wonderful" were heard throughout the day.  The San Jose Library and the Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services personnel each operate their own section of the building, and they share the use of the common areas such as the Community Room.

The Library's hours are: Sunday-Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday: 11-8; Thursday-Saturday: 10-6.  The Library's phone number is (408) 808-3040.
For more information about the Almaden Library, see the Almaden Branch Library page in the San Jose Public Library Web site.

The Community Center offers a tremendous program of sports, hobby, etc. classes for all ages for preschool, youth, teen, and adult, with something for almost everyone.  The Almaden Senior Association offers classes, groups, activities, and various services for people of age 50 and older.  The Community Center's hours are: Monday-Thursday: 8-8; Friday: 8-3, and Saturday: 9-1.  The facilities are available for rental with extended hours.  The Community Center's phone number is (408) 268-1133.

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