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Many Almaden Valley residents have given special service to the Almaden Valley Community Association.  Unfortunately, with time we lose their services through their deaths.  This page will help identify some, clearly not all, of those departed members..

Bob Boydston
Bob Boydston served the Almaden Valley Community Association in almost every capacity available.  He was president, treasurer, secretary, membership chair, historian and more.  He oversaw AVCA's creation of emergency Arks positioned around the valley.  The Board's memorial comments are at this link.
Dave Fadness Dave Fadness has worked with AVCA over the years, and from 2013 until his fall in 2014, Dave served as Transportation Chair for AVCA.  In this capacity, he brought Almaden Valley's street problems to the attention of the City of San Jose and helped them focus on our streets most in need of repair.  We are seeing the results of that focus, strongly aided by Councilmember Johnny Khamis.  Dave died on September 29, 2015 as a consequence of his June 2014 fall from a ladder at home.  Almaden Valley and the entire San Jose community will miss his dedicated service and enthusiasm.

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